Whether your dinner is celebrating your wedding, a corporate event, bridal shower, baby shower or any other special occasion, we are there to provide you with professional entertainment. Dave Byron will grace you and your guests with his original compositions and pleasing tones. Dave performs a nice mix of Classical, Jazz, Latin, Soft Rock, Spanish and Flamenco for your dining pleasure. You may select a specific style or a nice mix of styles. We bring out everything we need for a professional experience. Thinking about adding some lights for a little color? Go ahead, lights are always FREE. Have questions? No problem. Please contact us, we're happy to assist.





Dave Byron Guitarist, Naperville, IL., Garland, TX and Clearwater, FL

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Current Bookings

  • Aug 30
    East Dundee Farmer's Market,  East Dundee
  • Sep 11
    Anvil Club,  East Dundee
  • Sep 12
    Wedding,  Aurora
  • Sep 13
    East Dundee Farmer's Market,  East Dundee
  • Sep 15
    Senior's Performance,  Wheeling